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Parenting Coaching


As s parent, you probably experience a roller coaster of feelings such as happiness, frustration, joy, fear, love, worry, pride, concern, hurt, admiration, or anger.

When you have repeated challenges that cause negative feelings more often than you like, you can feel stuck and desperate to find the right answers to solve your problems.

Here are 10 common problems that parents seek me out to solve. Do you experience any of these parent-child challenges? If so, every one of them has a successful solution just waiting for you to find.

  1. Your children are not listening and not following your directions.
  2. You don’t know how to solve problems with your kids.
  3. Your child gets upset easily from “minor” triggers and lashes out uncontrollably.
  4. Your teenager won’t talk to you which worries you and you want to improve communication.
  5. You experience too much angry and disrespectful behavior by you and your children.
  6. You and your partner want to have a cohesive parenting approach rather than conflict.
  7. You want to discipline with respect rather than with rewards or punishments.
  8. You are concerned with your child’s lack of self-esteem.
  9. You are unsure how to connect with and support your struggling child.
  10. Siblings are fighting often and you don’t know how to teach them how to problem solve together instead.

It’s difficult to know who to turn to for advice.

I invite you contact me to set up a complementary 45 minute discovery session. You can start to experience how I can lead you on the successful path from uncertainty to confidence and family harmony.

Call me at 650.679.8138 or Email me (



Personalized Parenting Coaching Programs

.My highly effective parenting education programs are for parents who want to know how to fix the struggles they are having with their children. You need a fresh perspective and new parenting strategies to stop the vicious cycles. You need someone who can listen to your problems, accurately analyze them, and offer you solutions that fit your specific situation and family dynamics. This is my strength and I would be honored to help your family.

Don’t delay.

Learn an effective parenting approach like Gail and Randy and Karla have so your family can become more joyful for years to come.



Cynthia has a good heart and amazing insight into understanding what I am going through. She finds the words to identify and explain the root causes of my challenges with my daughter. Through her wisdom and advice I have experienced many “Ah-Ha” moments of clarity and understanding about myself and how to improve my family situation. Gail

We have made great progress working with Cynthia for two months so far. With her expert advice, our parenting approach is more cohesive as we talk about and work out challenges together as a supportive team. We greatly value the time we spend with Cynthia because of her great understanding, knowledge, and encouragement. We always leave her office with a plan on what to work on. Our family has less conflict and more harmony as we practice the skills she is teaching us. Karla and Randy

You can begin your parenting success journey by selecting from four inspiring and encouraging private coaching programs.

1. The Accelerated Wisdom ProgramThe Accelerated Wisdom one month program is for parents who want to jump in and find solutions to their parent-child challenges quickly. In this program you will learn the causes of one to two challenges and receive recommended actions to take right away.

During this program, you will experience many “Ah-hah” moments where the fog will disappear and you will know why you’ve been having these problems. Then, you’ll feel excited because you will know that you now have the power and tools to make positive change happen.

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This program includes:

  • A detailed evaluation of one to two concerns through completing the Parenting Breakthrough Assessment before we meet in person.
  • A four-hour in-person Accelerated Wisdom workshop where you will be introduced to my recommended essential communication and discipline skills tailored to solve your challenges.
  • Unlimited educational emails where I will give you feedback on specific challenging interactions you experienced with your child.
  • Three 60-minute phone/video calls to ensure that you are successful.
  • My book, Ally Parenting, along with the learning materials you will need to successfully improve your current situation.
  • A clear understanding of why your challenges are happening, the best new practices to take, and the beginning of your journey to confidently make better parenting choices.

2. The Partnership ProgramThe Partnership three-month Program is for parents who want to make big strives forward in solving two to three main parenting challenges. I will be your partner who you can rely on for new parenting ideas, feedback, support, and to keep you moving forward. The Partnership Program can stand alone or as a continuation of the Accelerated Wisdom Program.

During the program, you will gain the wisdom and confidence to confront your challenges boldly. You will be equipped with effective language and actions that you can do to bring out the best in your child.

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This program includes:

  • A detailed evaluation of your challenges through completing the Parenting Breakthrough Assessment before we meet in person.
  • My book, Ally Parenting: A Non-Adversarial Approach to Transform Conflict Into Cooperation.
  • Ten parenting discussion sessions.
    • The first session is in person for 2 hours where you will leave with a new
    • The following eight sessions will be 1 hour by phone or video call.
    • Session ten, at the completion of three months, will be a 50-minute in-person session.
      • We will fine-tune your skills, create your Parenting Success Declaration and discuss any further needs.
  • Email access to answer your questions and to offer you encouragement and reinforcement of your new skills during our non-discussion weeks.
  • A deeper understanding and ability to use the essential parenting skills through your three months supported practice time
  • Advanced parenting knowledge such as goals of behavior, thinkers and feelers communication styles, how to handle emotional moments, and advanced problem solving practice with your children.
  • The skills to create a dramatic improvement, or perhaps a total positive change in your family’s interactions.

3. The Co-Parenting ProgramThe Co-Parenting six-month Program has two options.

Option 1:  For parents who have three to four major concerns and need six months to practice and make permanent changes in their family.

Option 2:  For parents who have two to three major concerns to change and they would also like to create a family vision plan for the next ten to twenty years.

My role is to teach you specific strategies and perspectives.  In addition, I will function as a “co-parent” who will also give you support and encouragement.

You will develop deeper confidence and mastery in how to address challenges because you will have developed the problem-solving mindset rather than the controlling mindset. Effective responses that you never thought of can become more like second nature over a six month period. The effort you put into this extensive course can create the harmonious family that you desire.

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This program includes:

  • A detailed evaluation of your challenges through completing the Parenting Breakthrough Assessment before we meet in person.
  • Flexibility to discuss new situations as they arise and discover great solutions
  • Twelve parenting discussion sessions.
    • The first session is in person for 90 minutes where you will receive your Bridges 2 Understanding Parenting Manual with the materials, activities, and articles you will need to successfully improve your current situation.
    • The following ten sessions will be by phone or video call with one optional in-person session for a total of three in-person sessions during the six month program.
    • Session twelve will be a 50-minute in-person appointment to discuss and evaluate the goals you set for yourself and your family and to make future determinations.
  • Email access to answer your questions, offer you encouragement and reinforcement of your new skills during non-session weeks.
  • Advanced parenting skills such as how to conduct family meetings, teach independent living skills, strengthen inner motivation and self-esteem and how to develop a life-long connection with your children.
  • In-depth understanding and realistic role-playing of your major concerns so you can become an expert parent who can create beautifully supportive and harmonious relationships in your family.

4. Spark of Wisdom Program:

The Spark of Wisdom Program is for parents who would like a “spark” of new insight and expert advice on one parenting concern. This program is for you if you feel confident about how you handle most of your parent-child challenges and you would like an expert perspective on just one issue. This program is not in-depth enough to resolve several ongoing persistent problems.

You will gain an Ally perspective about your challenge, your child, and yourself so you can take my advice and implement it creatively with your unique family situation.

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This program includes:

  • A single-issue questionnaire where you will describe in depth your single concern and current approach to the problem along with filling out an Event Dialogue Capture form.
  • My evaluation of your challenge prior to our call after you complete the assessments.
  • Learning materials applicable to your solution which will be emailed to you prior to our first meeting.
  • A 45-minute phone conversation, or Skype, where we will discuss the materials you previously received, read, and possibly started implementing.
  • Email access for one week.
  • A follow-up 30-minute phone conversation, or Skype, one week later to assess your progress and your needs for future support.

Scholarships Available

Contact me at 650.679.8138 or email me to discuss how to best solve your parenting challenges together.


Learn why Iris and Jenn want you to

not delay in getting the parenting information you deserve.


During my private coaching sessions with Cynthia by phone, I enjoyed speaking with her, exchanging ideas, and listening to her thoughtful comments and suggestions. Her calm, soothing, and reassuring voice made me feel comfortable discussing problems and solutions with her. Iris
I have read parenting books and attended classes for years to become a better mom. I attended Cynthia’s parenting class and learned the missing communication skill that answered the question of why my teen daughter is always getting mad at me. I love listening to Cynthia’s stories and her wisdom and have signed up for private coaching. Jenn


Contact me with any questions about what program will get you the results you want. I look forward to being your parenting coach.

650.679.8138 or