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Start Transforming Your Family Today

If you are a parent who is feeling stuck and maybe even at the end of your rope, then this is the place for you. You can learn how to break the negative cycles and create a happier family. 

If you want more cooperation, respect and to simply enjoy your children more, let’s have a free phone session. I can easily determine the causes of your challenges and get you quickly on the road to successful interactions.

You can transform your family interactions from a tug-of-war to a harmonious dance of cooperation. 

Enjoy my short video and begin your journey with my how-to-parent articles in my Cynthia’s Insights blog. 


 Cynthia Klein

Ally Parenting provides you with 22 years of my parent coaching expertise in an easy-to- follow, step-by- step guide toward greater parenting confidence and success.



Parenting Coaching

If you have any of these challenges, then you can find the answers in my Parenting Breakthrough Program.

  1. You repeat telling your child to do something more than 3 times and your child still ignores you.
  2. You try to be nice but your child doesn’t respond. You believe that getting angry is the best way to let them know you mean business.
  3. You feel bad at times about the way you parent. You’re concerned about hurting your relationship with your child.

Spring Classes

Mar. 22 – Winning Kids Over without Threats or Rewards

Mar. 14, 21, & 28 – Parenting the Positive Discipline Way

Apr. 19 – Mothers and Daughters: Connecting and Letting Go

Apr. 25 – Getting to the Root of Your Child’s Motivation

May 3 – Finding the Middle Ground with Your Teenager – How to Have Effective Collaborative Discussions

May 17 – Building Self-Esteem and Personal Power – Online Class

Professional Presentations

My goal is to bring you engaging and educational parenting presentations that enable your audience to solve their everyday family problems with young children, teenagers and young adults. Susannah Halliburton, Assistant Director at the WorkLife Office on the Stanford campus says, “Workshop participants at Stanford always appreciate Cynthia’s clear, direct and sympathetic style of presenting. Her philosophy has been a refreshing approach to parent coaching.”


Cynthia Klein- 4.2013 Web Face

About Cynthia Klein

I believe that the ability to create cooperative family relationships lies in “working with” children rather than controlling them. The power to improve family relationships is significantly determined by the adult’s ability to self-reflect and be open to new ideas, beliefs and actions.


Download my extensive parenting book recommendation list. Also discover other organizations that will support you. Go to my Cynthia’s Insight section for articles that will answer many of your parenting questions.

Contact Me

I am located in Redwood City, CA yet most of my parenting coaching sessions are done by phone or video call. Please call with any questions about my services or to set up a Discovery Session to evaluate your current situation. I can be reached at 650.679.8138 or email me at