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The Ally Parenting Book

Unlike most parenting books that offer ideas without explaining how to implement them, Ally Parenting provides readers with an easy-to-follow roadmap for solutions to common parenting challenges. In this step-by-step guide, Cynthia synthesizes the wisdom of her 23 years in the field and teaching over a thousand parenting classes and private coaching sessions.

Through Ally Parenting, Cynthia teaches parents how to address each challenge, understand why it happened, and implement new Ally approaches for quick results.

The Ally Parenting book is the tool you need to master parenting skills and gain wisdom and confidence to guide your family away from conflict toward a harmonious, respectful, and cooperative home.

With the Ally Parenting book, you’ll learn the exact language needed to:

  • Handle emotional moments
  • Give directions that are followed
  • Manage strong-willed children
  • Solve problems together
  • Become your child’s confidant

The Ally Parenting book is a must for every parent!


Ally Parenting is available for purchase on 
Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 


Ally Parenting is now available to purchase as an audiobook.

Listen to a sample from the audiobook:

You can order the audiobook from Audible by click HERE.


“What a wonderful book! I appreciated the real-life examples and the communication suggestions emphasizing mutual respect. I was able to implement new communication strategies to my parent/child relationships and see immediate results.”

– KS Serrano

Cynthia understands the challenges of parenting, knows what a rough road it can be, and simply reaches out with information and perspective that can be helpful night or day. Each short chapter has clear insights and practical directions to help you make constructive changes in the parent-child relationship.

– Patty

Ally Parenting is the clearest roadmap you’ll find to solving your parenting challenges. The author, Cynthia Klein, has a way of breaking down complex concepts and complicated parent-child interactions and providing easy-to-understand strategies and solutions…

– Jenna

“If you’re trying to navigate your way to a better relationship with your child, this is an excellent book. We only carry a few parenting books in our shop and this one just made the grade!”

– Craig Wiesner, owner at Reach and Teach Books, Toys, and Gifts


Ally Parenting is available for purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.