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Ally Parenting: Turning Conflict Into Cooperation

Ally Parenting:  Turning Conflict Into Cooperation

Do you face any of these painful parent-child walls with your children?

Do your kids…

  • Ignore you?

  • Argue with you?

  • Refuse to share with you?

If this sounds familiar, then Ally Parenting: How to get through walls…gently is the tool you need. Through the Ally Parenting approach, you will master the parenting skills, wisdom, and confidence to gently melt down those tough walls.

In this book, you will learn the exact language you need to:

  • Handle emotional moments

  • Give directions that are followed

  • Solve problems together

  • Create family unity and cooperation

  • Guide children toward a resilient and resourceful future

In this book, Cynthia Klein brings together 22 years of wisdom and experience gained through teaching over 1,000 parenting classes and parent coaching sessions. While teaching parents, Cynthia personally tested her methods in her own family as she raised her daughter. Cynthia equips you with clear and concise language to gently lead your parent-child interactions away from wall-building toward bridge-building for greater family harmony.

Get ready for this book coming  out December 2016!

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Here’s a preview article:  Stop Parent-Child Power Struggles by Stopping These Words. 


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