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Attending a parenting education event is an excellent step to receive professional parenting advice. You may attend a free one-session clinic, a month-long program, or hire me to teach a workshop for your school or organization.

FREE: Learn How You Can Quickly Win Cooperation - Not Rebellion

For Parents of Children 9 to 14-Years-Old

Teaching your kids to help out and follow rules without losing your composure is crucial for your health. You may be falling into using ineffective strategies that cause more harm than good without even knowing it. In this class, you’ll learn what to stop saying and how to get your kids to help out more and even follow rules more often.


In this bonus class, you’ll learn: 

  1. Why does asking and repeating not work?
  2. Why resorting to shaming doesn’t work (and what shaming you are using and you don’t even know it.)
  3. The key proactive action that gets kids to take responsibility.  
  4. My favorite tactic that got my teen to do her chores.


You and your children’s happiness is worth taking an hour to learn how to teach the value of contributing to the family. When they practice the skills of being part of a community, it will become their value as well when they are adults.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Two Times to Choose From

Upcoming Free Classes to Put on Your Calendar

May 24, 2023 – How to Get Your Kids Calmly Out of the House 

Learn what to do instead of cajoling, pushing, or nagging so everyone feels good.

June 21, 2023 – How You Can Keep Cool During Emotional Moments 

Learn how to think and act clearly and calmly so you can defuse potential explosions.

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I teach a variety of single and multi-session online workshops:

  • Effective Discipline with the Strong-Willed Child (single session)
  • Stop Struggling: Learn How to Turn Conflict Into Cooperation (two sessions)
  • Mothers and Daughters: Keeping the Closeness (single session)
  • Choose the Best Approach for Each Parenting Challenge (single session)
  • Building Resiliency during COVID ‐19: Supporting Teens in a Shelter-in-Place World (single session)
  • Surviving to Thriving with the Kids at Home (Free single session)
  • 7 Steps from Confusion to Clarity: The Ally Parenting Guide for Challenging Times. (Four sessions)

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