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Yahoo! There can be a sense of freedom when school is out and all the sports, swimming, and dance activities halt or slow down. And, let’s not forget… no homework!


We get used to so much stress as a part of our daily lives, that interactions like these happen all the time.


Summer can feel less stressful because you aren’t rushing to get to an event on time with your child having a big upset.


Remember that? Perhaps in response to their upset, you got upset and said, “Why are you being so difficult? Let’s go.”


The result was a bigger upset with your child saying, “You don’t care about how I feel.”


Wow! You were just trying to get your child out on time. Why does it have to be so difficult?


Or maybe, not long ago, your tween or teen felt unable to even do their homework and had a meltdown and refused to do the work. You may have responded with, “I know you can do it if you try a little harder.” Or, out of total frustration, you said, “You aren’t going to have any time on your video games until you do it!” Your tween or teen then responded, “You can’t make me do it” as they stormed off and slammed their bedroom door. Yikes! Why does this keep happening?


What a relief to not have these major stressors at least for a little while.


But wait… the cause of these problems hasn’t gone away. It’s just that the less-pressured summertime isn’t bringing them up……. right now…..But they are silently waiting to boil to the surface.


What about if you took this time of less stress to learn parenting skills so you won’t have big upsets when school starts? Wouldn’t you feel great knowing you’ll approach next school year with confidence in how to handle stressful moments with greater ease so the explosions rarely happen?


Summer is a great time to get private coaching. Because it’s a calmer time, you won’t be reacting to situations. Instead, you can review the root causes of the problems and learn effective strategies that you’ll be ready to use when school starts, and now, too.


We can work together and I’ll give you specific advice to exactly address your conflicts. You won’t need to figure out how to relate your situation to some cookie-cutter approach — and then guess how best to respond.


Parents I’ve coached privately have experienced amazing growth in their ability to say the right words at the right time to get more cooperation, collaboration, and connection with their children.


If you want to know exactly what to say during conflicts or to get your kids to open up to you, then let’s talk. All parents I talk to remember repeating situations they want to solve. We’ll review what’s happened in the past and plan a better path forward in the future. Your brain works better when it isn’t under stress.


Take advantage of the summer and email YES to SUMMER and I’ll get you set up.

Happy Parenting!




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