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Help Children Make Friends in a Social Skills Group

Help Children Make Friends in a Social Skills Group

Social Skills Group

(Kindergarten/First Grade)
Tuesdays, October 3 through December 5, 3:30 to 4:30 PM

Making and keeping friends doesn’t always come easily… but social skills can be learned. It takes modeling, guided play, and practice. And we can help!

Our Social Skills Groups are for children who are experiencing difficulties in social settings such as play dates, school, or the playground. Experienced group leaders provide a small and safe setting where children feel supported in learning to interact successfully with their peers.

Skills such as identifying and expressing feelings, taking turns and sharing, listening, assertiveness, solving problems, and dealing with transitions are taught through direct and interactive instruction while incorporating play, games, art, and role playing.

As a parent, you gain:

  • Weekly email updates describing our lessons, activities, and TIPS on how to support the lessons at home and school.
  • One individual parent meeting at the end of the program to review your child’s strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations for going forward.

Pre-registration requirements: Intake Interview: $95

Small groups of 3 – 6 children facilitated by 1 – 2 skilled leaders; $950 for 10 meeting series.

For more information or to schedule an intake interview call 650-688-3046

With Kirk Stuepfert LCSW, PPSC

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2017 Cynthia Klein, Bridges 2 Understanding, has been a Family Success Coach since 1994. She works with parents and organizations who want more cooperation, mutual respect and understanding between adults and children. Cynthia presents her expertise through speaking, private parenting coaching sessions, and her book, Ally Parenting: A Non-Adversarial Approach to Transform Conflict Into Cooperation. She works with parents of 5 – 25 year-old children.

To learn how Cynthia can help you solve your specific challenges, contact Cynthia at,,  or 650. 679.8138 to have a complementary 45-minute discovery session. Why keep suffering? It’s time to change!

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