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Naturopathic Tips to Ease Childhood Stress and Improve Focus by Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Naturopathic Tips to Ease Childhood Stress and Improve Focus by Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Doesn’t it seem like life only gets busier and that there is more and more information coming at us all the time?

There is too much information out there to take in and process! The human nervous system has never had a physiologic ‘upgrade’ to be able to handle this level of over-stimulation. As a result, a lot of us feel overwhelmed, anxious, and have difficulties concentrating and sleeping well.

Because the nervous system isn’t fully developed until age twenty-five, the impact of our modern lifestyle is felt even more deeply by children and adolescents. A striking example – digital screens affect the frontal cortex of the brain and alter dopamine levels much in the same way that stimulating drugs like cocaine affect the brain. This level of sensory data in combination with the added burdens of environmental toxicity and nutritional deficits are compromising children’s nervous system health. They are at a disadvantage for todays’ rigorous (and often unreasonable) classroom demands.  It’s not surprising at all that attention, focus and behavior are common concerns.

As a naturopathic physician in practice for over 15 years, I have seen just how dramatically the lives and health of children have changed.

Anxiety levels in little ones have risen remarkably. In supporting children and adolescents to feel clearer, calmer and more focused, I like to focus on boosting brain health, managing daily stressors, and building nervous system resilience.

In supporting overall brain health – I encourage parents to eliminate foods with additives, dyes, processed sugars and explore potentially inflammatory foods that can impact focus, energy and mood.  I also encourage parents to look at the protein content of foods – making sure there is protein at each meal. This balances blood sugar – which works wonders for balanced energy and moods. The developing brain requires a plethora of natural plant based vitamins and minerals for repair and essential fatty acids for optimal nerve cell membrane function.

I love making nature prescriptions to help children and families manage stress – children thrive in the outdoors!

There is so much great information out there about the health benefits of earthing – or connecting our body’s electromagnetic field with that of the earth’s. It is powerful for discharging stress and resetting the nervous system. Think bare feet in sand or grass for 10-15 minute daily.

Because children and adolescents are so open and sensitive, they respond well to energetic bodywork. I incorporate craniosacral therapy in my practice – a gentle system that eases the nervous system out of fight or flight and back into the restorative parasympathetic state. This modality, in combination with guided visualization, is effective for improving adaptation to stress, boosting concentration, and improving sleep quality.

Our children don’t have to be at a disadvantage as we live in the fast lane. We just need to implement wellness strategies at a much earlier age. Gone are the days when kids could get away with fast foods as a nutritional mainstay. No one is too young to begin a daily mind body practice for calming and strengthening the nervous system.

My best to you,

Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie truly believes in the body’s innate healing wisdom and is passionate about helping others gain access to their inner power. She has been in naturopathic medicine practice since 2002, and additionally has over 15 years of experience as a craniosacral practitioner.

As fervent seeker and forever student, Dr. Marie’s personal healing journey inspired her to study a myriad of energetic healing modalities. She has extensive shamanic training, has been a long time meditation practitioner, and is a family constellation facilitator.

Dr. Marie recognizes that the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of our human experience are highly intertwined.  She skillfully weaves the contents of her eclectic medicine bag to support people wherever they are on their own healing journey.

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