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Parenting is an Opportunity for Personal Growth

Parenting is an Opportunity for Personal Growth

I didn’t realize how much personal growth I would have to go through in order to become a parent I was proud of.

Like every other parent, I made mistakes. My pride comes from being a parent who continually self-reflects and tries to learn from my challenges with my daughter.

Rearing children is an opportunity to stretch your potential and to reflect upon your current beliefs about the parent-child relationship.

Discard beliefs, thoughts and values that cause separation and suffering for you and those around you. Invite in those that create a family of mutual support and growth.

Here are some self-reflective questions to help you uncover problem areas.

  • Am I taking time to sit and listen to my child without interrupting and giving advice?
  • What am I saying words  that is making my child stop talking to me?
  • Am I trying to control my child by making him “suffer” in order to change the behavior?
  • Why do I hang on to the belief in punishment?
  • Am I afraid of losing my “sense of power”?
  • Am I trying to change my side of the think- feel-do cycle or the child’s?
  • Why do I keep the negative cycle going? What do I get out of it?
  • What feelings are getting triggered from my own childhood?
  • Am I trying to figure out how my child can get their needs met in a positive way instead of taking their behavior as a personal affront?
  • Do I know how my child needs to mature in order to get new freedoms from me?
  • Am I looking at my child’s growth as a process that takes time
  • Am I forgiving myself when I make a poor decision and try again?

To me, a successful parent is one who continually strives to improve themselves and the relationships in their family. I feel no judgment towards parents because of their children’s behavior.

My daughter liked to be in “risky” situations as a teen. She didn’t think they were risky, yet I did. If I judged my parenting by how much my daughter followed my rules when she was a teenager, I would probably get a C-.

Yet we remained close and loving through the teen years and into young adulthood. Our struggles together actually deepened our trust and love for each other.

So, I encourage you to embrace being a parent as an opportunity for personal growth and value your tears and talks.

Have you noticed that going through struggles together has strengthened your bond? Is this a skill you would like to learn how to do?

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