The goal of my parenting education presentation is to offer your participants new perspectives and solutions to the challenges they are facing. They’ll leave with feelings of hope and confidence because they can easily apply the Ally Parenting philosophy and strategies to their daily life and get immediate positive results.

I have a number of presentation topics available for your event (see below), all of which can be tailored to fit your individual needs and event goals.

Here are some of the important questions that my presentations answer:

  • How do I keep communication open with my child when they are upset?
  • How can I give advice that my child will accept?
  • How do I create a family where we listen and talk with each other instead of yelling so much?

I’d love to bring my expertise and strategies from Ally Parenting to your next event! Please contact me to see how I can help your organization.

Organizations Impacted by Cynthia's Parenting Education

Cynthia's Presentations

I have a number of presentations available, all customizable to fit your unique audience and event goals. Additionally, we can take any topic from the Ally Parenting book and customize that into a presentation for your group.

Here are some examples of presentations I’ve delivered for clients.

Listening to Your Kids’ Struggles Without Your Stress Getting in the Way

When our kids are stressed out or in pain, all we want to do is fix things. Learn how to handle your own stress — and reduce your child’s — by becoming the effective listener your kids’ need.

Choosing the Best Approach for Every Parenting Challenge

We all want our children to grow into capable adults. Learn how to teach your kids critical independent life skills by knowing when to direct them, when to solve problems together, and when to support their own problem-solving process.

Shift “I don’t know.” to “I can do it!”

Explore ways to build your children’s self-esteem through parenting actions that empower. Develop beliefs and actions that positively impact your children’s inner strength, courage, and ability so they can successfully handle life’s frustrations and challenges.

Navigating the Bumps in the Road through Cooperative Problem Solving

Create a happy family that solves problems together. You’ll discover how to talk with your kids about homework, chores, and other important issues. When you learn my 5 Step Problem Solving Process, your kids will feel connected to you and confident in their family’s ability to tackle life’s problems together.

Averting Power Struggles Before They Begin

Learn how to defuse your reactions in the moment so that you can turn parent-child craziness into cooperation. Discover how to set limits and expectations that reduce resistance and build cooperation using strategies backed by cognitive developmental research.

Watch Cynthia in Action

See Cynthia in action with her interactive workshop style presentation at Ralston Middle School in Belmont, CA. Cynthia always engages with the audience and teaches the parents how to apply the tools she presents in their own families.

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