Cheryl Lee

Cynthia Klein is one of our go-to Parent Educators at Northside Branch Library. Cynthia has expertise in a variety of areas including mother-daughter bonding and kid/tween communication. She is a crowd favorite with our customers and we look forward to having her for future programs!

Cheryl Lee, Program Coordinator-Branch Manager

Susannah Halliburton

Cynthia’s parent education workshops have been a great benefit to our staff, students and community. Her topics are timely and relevant and the response on campus has been huge. Workshop participants always appreciate Cynthia’s clear, direct and sympathetic style of presenting. She understands parenting issues on a personal and professional level and cares greatly about helping parents change. Her philosophy of building peace within the home has been a refreshing approach to parent coaching.

Susannah Halliburton, Assistant Director, WorkLife Office – Stanford University

Kathy McGarey

Cynthia’s presentation to the pediatricians on How to Avoid Power Struggles and Gain Cooperation with Strong-Willed Children was great! It was educational, fun, interactive, and understandable. It is easy to see that Cynthia loves teaching and helping families become happy.

Kathy McGarey, Supervisor for Sutter Health Continuing Medical Education Credits

April Durrett

Cynthia Klein’s down-to-earth, humorous approach to parent education really resonated with our audience of elementary-school parents. The strategies she shared, along with anecdotes from her own life, gave parents a sound plan for connecting with their kids.

April Durrett, Cherry Chase PTA President


I have read parenting books and attended classes for years to become a better mom. I attended Cynthia’s parenting class and learned the missing communication skill that answered the question of why my teen daughter is always getting mad at me. I love listening to Cynthia’s stories and her wisdom and have signed up for private coaching.



During my private coaching sessions with Cynthia by phone, I enjoyed speaking with her, exchanging ideas, and listening to her thoughtful comments and suggestions. Her calm, soothing, and reassuring voice made me feel comfortable discussing problems and solutions with her.


Karla and Randy

We have made great progress working with Cynthia for two months so far. With her expert advice, our parenting approach is more cohesive as we talk about and work out challenges together as a supportive team. We greatly value the time we spend with Cynthia because of her great understanding, knowledge, and encouragement. We always leave her office with a plan on what to work on. Our family has less conflict and more harmony as we practice the skills she is teaching us.

Karla and Randy


Cynthia has a good heart and amazing insight into understanding what I am going through. She finds the words to identify and explain the root causes of my challenges with my daughter. Through her wisdom and advice I have experienced many “Ah-Ha” moments of clarity and understanding about myself and how to improve my family situation.


Sonia Paz

Cynthia Klein did an amazing job at Baywood Elementary school. She kept the audience engaged and involved. Parents walked out with a handful of tools they can apply in their homes and their lives.

Sonia Paz – Parent Education Coordinator at Baywood Elementary School


The communication advice you gave at the WEB, (Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area) talk on October 18, 2013, was very helpful and I immediately applied it to my daily interactions with my daughter. The quality of our conversations has improved and she openly shares things with me without being requested to do so. Actually, the funny thing is that she seems to have picked up the style herself… Is that possible?? She says things like “Mom, I understand how frustrated you may be when I don’t do my chores… etc.” I am amazed! She acknowledges my feelings the same way you suggested we should do. So I wanted to really thank you for sharing your experience and your advice. You are changing how people communicate and are making them better listeners. That is awesome!

Mother of a Daughter

Julia Powers

Cynthia helped me to see my patterns of communication with my adult daughter. I went from having no clue as to “what went wrong?” to understanding my daughter’s side of our relationship. I gained valuable insights into how to move forward in an authentic and positive manner. Cynthia is passionate about her work and about helping parents. I’m happy that I found her now, and I think she can really help heal families where the bonds have been strained.

Julia Powers,

Alicia Sandoval Gilliam

Your training for parents at the Sunnyvale Library was great! Full of great insight, valuable tips, wonderful strategies and covered such an important topic of concern to so many of our families. They certainly had a lot of takeaways, found the workshop meaningful for their situation and gave the workshop fantastic ratings. To hire Cynthia, call her at 650.679.8138.

Alicia Sandoval Gilliam, MSW, LCSW
Youth and Family Resources Program Coordinator City of Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Public Library

Andrea and Chris

Hi Cynthia!

I just wanted to thank you for helping Chris and I communicate better with our kids. Instead of nagging them over and over, we have found better ways to communicate more effectively to get cooperation.

We have learned to think before we speak using the think-feel-do cycle and there’s a lot less raising of voices around the house, which has made for much more pleasant interactions.

We have also implemented family meetings and our children feel more connected at home and they are slowly learning the importance of their role in contributing to the household. It has become an important part of our family routine that we all look forward to spending together.

We know we will have some unexpected situations thrown our way, but we feel we have the tools to deal with the unexpected down the road because of what we’ve learned from you.

We especially appreciate the time you take to offer suggestions to the different situations that we email to you. After reflecting on those interactions, I realize that several situations repeat themselves and if I am conscious or not escalating the situation, we can get more cooperation from our son, the typical teen that wants to be independent and not told what to do!

Thank you, again, for a great three months of learning! Your book and accompanying notebook will be a constant source of reference for our most challenging parenting situations!



Parents of 11 and 13-year-olds

Shannon LeCompte

Cynthia presented a workshop to parents and community members at our high school on best practices in communicating with teens. She was interactive, shared real-life scenarios and offered very practical advice. Participants reflected on their personal communication styles, chose a roadblock that they would like to tackle and left with concrete action steps to implement. The parent feedback that the school received was extremely positive. I highly recommend Cynthia!

Mercy High School
Shannon LeCompte, Dean of Students