The Art of Listening Between Parents and Children for Cooperation

Posted by cynthia on June 16, 2016 in Parenting with Emotional Intelligence
The Art of Listening Between Parents and Children for Cooperation

In the summer issue of Parenting on the Peninsula magazine, my article, The Art of Listening Openly, is published.

Most parents just don’t know how to listen without giving advice, commanding, placating, interrogating, distracting and other communication blocks. I invite you to read the entire article. Here is a beginning teaser:

Children’s emotions can often surge and be difficult for them to understand and for us to handle. Loving, lasting, and meaningful relationships are built during these emotional moments. When we connect with our children during stressful, “out-of-control,” or even reflective times, we teach them that we value them and their emotions.  We demonstrate that we understand and can manage our own emotions and that, with time, they can manage themselves, as well.

Children’s higher-level thinking, the prefrontal cortex, doesn’t fully develop until their mid 20’s.  Therefore, their ability to have reflective emotional self-control is very minimal when they are young and develops with brain maturation and our guidance. It can be difficult to be around and listen to your upset children if you were not listened as a child or if old hurts are stimulated. Getting support in sorting out your childhood feelings will allow you to be more present and accepting with your children.

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