Online Parenting Education Workshops

Attending a parenting workshop is an excellent first step to receive professional parenting advice. I teach one session and multi sessions workshops.

For parents who want ongoing parenting support, I recommend the Ally Parenting Mastery membership.

The High Self-Esteem Child Challenge

Do you worry about your child’s self-esteem? Do you want to know how to positively influence their self-view so they overcome their timidness, indecisiveness, uncooperativeness, etc.

Join me for my 3 Day Free Event: The High Self-Esteem Child Challenge and learn:

  • What low and high self-esteem looks like.
  • What to do right away to help children develop the 4 inner qualities of self-esteem.
  • How you might be weakening their self-esteem without even knowing it.
  • How to put the Essential Raising High Self-Esteem Blueprint into action

It’s FREE and RECORDED in case you can’t make all three days.

Your kids need high self-esteem to thrive in today’s world. Join me to start the adventure towards having a child who feels confident to try new things, respectfully express how they think and feel, and enjoy having fun with others.

September 7, 8, 9th from 7:00 – 7:30 pm PT

CLICK HERE to register and

receive the challenge guide as well.

5 Thursday evenings starting September 16

Registration open soon.

Contact Cynthia to be on the pre-registration list.

Powerful Parenting of Teens
An interactive online parenting program

New session starting in October 2021. Contact Cynthia to be on the wait list.

Who is it for? Parents of 13 to 18-year-olds who want to feel more connected, argue less, and have teens who want to spend time with you.

Do you struggle with more family conflict or maybe less positive connection than you really want with your teens?

Imagine having the wisdom of how to successfully give directions, solve problems together, and be the parent your kids come to with questions about life.

In just one month, the new and empowering skills you will learn and the changes you will make will guide your children to::

  • Calm down and listen rather than freak out!
  • Do what they are told rather than try to get YOU to change.
  • Do their chores and homework rather than resist your suggestions.
  • Discuss difficult topics and collaborate rather than yell at you.
  • Feel that you are on their side rather than accusing you of not listening and being a bad parent.
  • Respect you and your values rather than continually questioning you and disagreeing with you.

There is limited enrollment for this program.

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I teach a variety of single and multi-session online workshops.

Workshop Titles:

Effective Discipline with the Strong-Willed Child (single session)

Stop Struggling: Learn How to Turn Conflict Into Cooperation (two sessions)

Mothers and Daughters: Keeping the Closeness (single session)

Choose the Best Approach for Each Parenting Challenge (single session)

Building Resiliency during COVID ‐19: Supporting Teens in a Shelter-in-Place World (single session)

Surviving to Thriving with the Kids at Home (Free single session)

7 Steps from Confusion to Clarity: The Ally Parenting Guide for Challenging Times. (Four sessions)

Please contact me directly for dates and times.