Online Parenting Education Workshops

Attending a parenting workshop is an excellent first step to receive professional parenting advice. I teach one session and multi sessions workshops.

For parents who want ongoing parenting support, I recommend the Ally Parenting Mastery membership.

Ally Parenting Mastery

If you’re a parent who wants to feel confident, communicate effectively, and create a harmonious home, join me on your journey and become a member of Ally Parenting Mastery. As a member of this ongoing group, you will learn a clear and concise parenting path that will take you from conflict or chaos to connection and cooperation in your family.

 The Ally Parenting Mastery membership is PERFECT for you if:

You want to feel like your kids’ ally rather than their adversary.

You know change is needed, but you’re stuck without guidance and support from a parenting expert.

You have children ages 5 to 17 and you want a community of parents to support you during these unprecedented times.

You need NEW and EFFECTIVE parenting skills so you can create much needed harmony in your home.

In Ally Parenting Mastery you will:

Enjoy 4 – one-hour group parenting lessons and group coaching every month. THAT’S EVERY WEEK you will gain knowledge and get answers to your questions via a live Zoom call with me. 

And much more……

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I teach a variety of single and multi-session online workshops.

Workshop Titles:

Effective Discipline with the Strong-Willed Child (single session)

Stop Struggling: Learn How to Turn Conflict Into Cooperation (two sessions)

Mothers and Daughters: Keeping the Closeness (single session)

Choose the Best Approach for Each Parenting Challenge (single session)

Building Resiliency during COVID ‐19: Supporting Teens in a Shelter-in-Place World (single session)

Surviving to Thriving with the Kids at Home (Free single session)

7 Steps from Confusion to Clarity: The Ally Parenting Guide for Challenging Times. (Four sessions)